How are you ?
We saw your instagram and loved your feed ! Would you be interested in being sponsored with 50 Leggings to make a giveaway post ? We would send you a pair of leggings as a bonus :)
People would have to Follow YOU, Tag 2 friends & DM us "I Want Leggings" to participate, so you're page will get a lot of new followers and traffic with the giveaway.
And it would give us the possibility to show future collections to the participants. I'll leave below some extra key points about the giveaway:
1) The post would be an artwork our designers made specifically for this giveaway.

2) We will pick 50 giveaway participants and send them the link to get the free leggings

3) We will also send you banners for instagram stories so you can promote the giveaway a few days before if you wish.

4) The giveaway contest would last for 24 Hours.

5) We are only doing this this week, so we send you a pair of the leggings too, but unfortunately you will not be able to take a photo with the leggings, but post a photo of them like I mentioned above.

6)Our  product is

 7) Our IG page is @yougrindfitness

8) We will take care of shipping and handling
How does that sound? Let me know if you're interested so we can move forward with this collaboration.



@yougrindfitness sponsored this Amazing Giveway to give you sweeties 50 FREE Leggings! You heard it! 50 of you will have a prize 😍💞. Usually sold for 59,95, but today, they can be yours for FREE.


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All you have to do to enter the giveaway is:

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Best Regards,